Catholic Funeral Mass Program

Catholic Funeral Mass Program – Funeral Order Of Service Design

Catholic Funeral Mass Program

    catholic funeral

  • A Roman Catholic funeral is a funeral rite in use in the Roman Catholic Church. Within the Church, they may also be referred to as ecclesiastical funerals.


  • A set of related measures, events, or activities with a particular long-term aim
  • arrange a program of or for; “program the 80th birthday party”
  • write a computer program
  • A planned series of future events, items, or performances
  • A sheet or booklet giving details of items or performers at an event or performance
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catholic funeral mass program

catholic funeral mass program – Twice Upon

Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunzel, The One With All the Hair
Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunzel, The One With All the Hair
The girl’s stuck in a tower. The boy’s stuck in a castle. There are two sides to every story….

Rapunzel is having the ultimate bad day. She’s been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn’t even have a decent brush for her hair.

Prince Benjamin’s got it pretty tough, too. His father wants him to be more kingly, his mother wants him to never leave her sight, and his cousin wants to get him into as much trouble as possible (possibly with a troll).

Both Rapunzel and Prince Benjamin are trapped–in very different ways. Once their paths cross, well, that’s when things get really strange.

Journey back to the days when fairy tales were true with this fun and fresh spin on a timeless tale!

St. Stephen Catholic Church, Bentonville, Arkansas

St. Stephen Catholic Church, Bentonville, Arkansas
Parish History
A History of St. Stephen Church

St. Stephen Parish is the realization of a dream of about six couples who felt that they needed a place of worship and gathering in the Bentonville area. Going to outlying churches, they just couldn’t feel the closeness, warmth and unity of a parish family. Also, it was difficult getting to church in inclement weather.

These people rallied the Catholics in the Bentonville area and began positive steps toward building a parish family. Toward the end of 1987 the request was presented to the Most Reverend Andrew J. McDonald, Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock.

The Bishop approved the project and thus the first Catholic Community in Bentonville was taking shape. The embryonic Catholic Church of Bentonville was designated a mission of St. Vincent de Paul Church of Rogers with the Pastor, Rev. Richard Oswald with Rev. John Marconi, Associate Pastor, in charge. As a result, the first Mass of the Bentonville Catholic Church was celebrated on March 5, 1988 in a public building. About 150 souls comprised the new parish.

The name of St. Stephen was chosen for the parish. A building committee was formed. A Pastoral Council was elected. A building fund was underway and enthusiastic parishioner pledges were received. Financing was arranged through the Diocese. Building contractors, H.W. Roper, Inc., with architect, Rex Morris, were engaged. Good progress was soon apparent.

The initial plan called for a multi-purpose building with facilities to serve a growing parish. Today a permanent church building is attached just west of the present structure. This multi-purpose building is now our Parish Life Center.

After two moves to public school buildings and the necessary planning and construction of the new building at 1300 NE “J” Street, the first Mass in the new facility was happily celebrated on October 6, 1991 at 10:00 AM.

The rapid rate of construction and final completion was certainly the result of the fine supervision of the building superintendent and the cooperation of our enthusiastic pastors and lay people involved. During all the moving and shifting, a number of other positive things were happening. The PSR program with about 50 children registered was started. First Communion was held, as were Confirmation readiness classes. The CYO (later changed to Catholic Youth Ministry) was formed. The Ladies Altar Society was organized. Our choir was established. The Sunday bulletins were published and church dinners on special occasions were started.

The formal dedication by the Most Reverend Andrew J. McDonald was held on November 9, 1991. Assisting clergy were Rev. Richard Oswald, Pastor; Rev. Laval Coutre, Associate Pastor; Rev. John Marconi, former Assoc. Pastor and Rev. Mr. Leslie Vendl, Deacon.

A number of changes have since taken place. Father John Marconi was transferred and Father Laval Coutre was assigned as temporary Associate Pastor. Father Laval was later transferred, and Father Michael Sinkler was sent to us. He is still with us.

Besides the Eucharist on Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 7:45 AM & 10:00 AM, Communion Service and/or Mass is celebrated on Thursdays at 8:30 AM in the Chapel with Fr. Mike, or Carol Patterson officiating.

Our new worship space was dedicated on March 28, 2004. Seating 950 people immediately, and expandable to 1400 as we continue to grow.

To further note the progress, St. Stephen has baptisms, marriages, funerals, First Communions and Confirmations. Our Religious Education programs have grown to over 425 students. We have Wednesday Evening Scripture Study, and Monday morning women’s Scripture Study programs, Sunday Morning Catholic Café Adult Formation and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation). We also have dinners and various other activities. Very important to the administration of the church is a Pastoral Administrator/Director of Religious Education, Administrative Assistants, Accountant/Liturgist, Youth Ministers, teachers, bookkeepers, choir, musicians and choral leaders, altar servers, sacristans, lectors, Eucharist ministers, ushers, greeters, social committee, welcoming committee, groundskeeper, church clean-up crews, and volunteers for any task or program which arises.

We dedicated our new Columbarium February 19, 2006. The current capacity is 144. Its stone façade is similar to the Baptism Font in the worship space.

The facility now provides us the dedicated worship space we have needed for so long. The environment of this area is simplistic but beautiful in its angles and colors. The stained glass that adorns the tower and Eucharistic Chapel, Baptistery, sculpture of the Risen Christ and Liturgical décor all reflect the vision of who we are as a parish and brings into full focus a setting of holiness to be in communion with our Lord.

In addition, our worship space has many wonderful areas that are attached for our use.

The Narthex that you enter from is for gathering before

Scouting Shirts and Drum

Scouting Shirts and Drum
The shirts are from Boy Scouts (Dad was a Scout Master for many years) and the drum is from Indian Guides (a program through the YMCA many years ago).

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